Guide to Navigating Traditional and Modern Tiles in DFW

Which one to choose: traditional or modern tiles for your property in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Picture a mosaic of traditional and modern roofing styles, each tile showcasing tales of resilience, elegance, and progress.

The roof above is more than a shelter for homeowners, commercial property owners, and builders alike. 

It’s a material that elevates the beauty of a property.

According to Amazing Architecture, tile roofs are quite popular in Texas, especially in southern Texas. 

Clay tiles are the most popular tile roofing option not just in Dallas-Fort Worth but across the states. 

It has been in service and installed for the past 100 years! 

However, this blog post provides you with all the necessary information to decide between traditional and modern tiles.

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The Tradition of Tile in Dallas-Fort Worth

Traditional tile roofing is a testament to enduring elegance in a city where tradition blends with modernity. 

According to Roofs for Life, traditional tiles date to 10,000 BC in Neolithic China. 

They made their way to the West through trade between Europe and the Middle East.

It provides a visual appearance similar to houses in Mediterranean regions like Italy, Greece, and Spain. 

Traditional tiles have been in service for generations and are still working with no ease.

In our cities, the warm hues of terracotta tiles seamlessly blend with the Texan sunsets. 

Meanwhile, the durability of these tiles battles the occasional storms exceptionally well. 

They are hail resistant, an essential feature for roofs in Texas. 

Apart from that, they are also fire resistant, soaking water very little. 

However, tiles are not meant to soak water. 

For that, we install a high-quality underlayment beneath the tiles.

Traditional roofing materials like clay or concrete can last for generations with proper installation and maintenance.

Unfortunately, not all roofing systems can withstand the heavy weight of traditional tile roofing systems, such as clay.

According to Ajax Gregson Tiles, the minimum steepness required for traditional tiles is 20 degrees.

In the case of modern tiles, it can be as low as 15 degrees. 

If your roofing system matches these criteria, you can opt for materials like clay or concrete.

As a homeowner or builder, there is no doubt about the beauty and resilience a traditional tile roof could bring to your property. 

At the same time, it helps maintain DFW’s historical tile heritage.

But, based on our experience for the past decade in Dallas-Fort Worth, over 40% of homeowners choose the timeless charm of traditional tiles, most commonly clay tiles.

Modern Tiles Status in Dallas-Fort Worth

Yet, in the ever-evolving skyline of Dallas-Fort Worth, modernity is the heartbeat of change.

Modern tile roofing compromises sleek materials like concrete and metal, displaying customer’s recent taste changes.

Statistics indicate a rising trend among commercial property owners and builders to embrace modern tiles’ efficiency and design versatility. 

Unlike traditional options, modern tiles are lightweight and suitable for almost any roofing system.

As stated earlier, newer tiles, such as metal, are installed on roofs with a steepness of just 15 degrees, a feat impossible with traditional tiles. 

Also, lately, there’s been a noticeable shift in the industry. 

It points towards using materials to make construction projects more eco-friendly and efficient in managing carbon emissions. 

Roofing materials come under that category as well.

According to the White House, the government aims for zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Roofing manufacturers are exploring ways to align their products with this vision.

And modern tiles are becoming the solution for this nationwide cause.

Comparative Analysis

When choosing between these roofing titans, consider the cost, durability, and aesthetic appeal tailored to Dallas, Fort Worth. 

Traditional tiles offer a timeless look but may require more maintenance, while modern tiles promise efficiency and resilience. 

For homeowners seeking a touch of history, the choice might lean towards tradition. 

Builders and commercial property owners may veer towards modernity for sleek, low-maintenance tile options like metal.

Modernize says a traditional tile-like clay installation costs $8.25 to $15.25 per square foot. 

It translates to an investment of a minimum of $24,750 to a maximum of $45,750 on a 3,000-square-foot home.

On the other hand, according to thisoldhouse, metal, commonly stainless steel, costs $7 to $20 per square foot. 

It translates to an investment of a minimum of $21,000 to $60,000 maximum. 

But in our opinion, installing tiles boils down to three main questions that are meant to be answered: 

  1. What is the state of your roofing system?
  2. What is the investment you are willing to make?
  3. What kind of visual look are you seeking?

We have had hundreds of tile roofing projects for your customers in the past, and you can trust our expertise and opinion with no issue.

Seek Expert Insights from Us

Gaining insights from local Dallas, Fort Worth area roofing experts is wise. 

The consensus is clear: the right choice depends on individual preferences, climate considerations, and long-term visions. 

We have a proven track record of crafting quality roofing solutions over the past decade. 

At American Dream Construction, we understand the nuances of DFW’s roofing needs. 

Whether you aim to preserve the historical charm or embrace futuristic aesthetics, our expertise caters to homeowners, commercial property owners, and builders alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Traditional Tile Roofs Suitable for the Weather Conditions in Dallas, Fort Worth?

Traditional tile roofs, with their durable terracotta materials, can withstand the varied weather patterns in Dallas and Fort Worth. 

Whether hail or blazing summer heat, it is suitable in both cases.

However, it’s essential to consider maintenance requirements to ensure longevity.

What Are The Key Design Considerations When Choosing Between Traditional and Modern Tile Roofing?

Traditional tiles often exude a classic charm, while modern tiles offer sleek designs. 

The choice depends on personal aesthetic preferences and how well the selected style complements the architectural features of your home.

Can American Dream Construction Customize Roofing Solutions to My Specific Needs?


We specialize in tailoring roofing solutions to match the unique architectural characteristics of Dallas Fort Worth properties. 

Also, ensuring a seamless blend of tradition and modernity if you have such a specific request.

What Environmental Factors Should be Considered when Choosing between Traditional and Modern Tile Roofing in DFW?

Whether they’re traditional or modern tiles, both are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Even when they reach the end of their lifespan, they can be easily recycled as they don’t contain chemicals.

If sustainability and environmental well-being are your concern, a tile roof will quickly meet your needs. 

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