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Are you thinking of installing PVC for your property in Dallas-Fort Worth? 

The prerequisite is that your roof must be flat or have a low slope. 

It does have a place for residential purposes, but it has been mainly in use for commercial and industrial properties for the past six decades. 

It is one of the most eco-friendly and efficient roofing materials out there. 

American Dream Construction & Roofing has educated property owners on different types of roofing materials for specific situations for over ten years.

Depending on your needs, we can help you decide whether PVC is the right option for your roof. 

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Overview of PVC

PVC stands for ‘polyvinyl chloride’. 

It is a single-ply white membrane consisting of two layers of formulated vinyl bonded to a polyester reinforcement scrim layer. 

PVC membranes are relatively thinner compared to other roofing systems available in the marketplace currently. 

Manufacturers produce it in thickness from 40 mils (0.04 inches) to 90 mils (0.09 inches), whereas other systems have a higher viscosity. 

When it comes to investment, you can expect to pay $14 to $17 per square foot for smaller PVC projects, whereas $12 per square foot for slightly larger projects. 

If installed properly, PVC roofs can last as long as 20 to 25 years; the life expectancy of a roof will vary on several factors. 

Installation Guide

A PVC roofing project begins by placing a layer of insulation board on the roof deck.

It helps to reduce the transfer of heat and keep your home cooler, reducing air-conditioning bills. 

Afterward, you can install PVC in any of these methods. 

The installation type you choose depends on budget, roof structure, and requirements.

Fully Adhered

In this method, a specially formulated adhesive directly glues the PVC roofing membrane to the insulation. 

It produces a strong bond, providing a secure and watertight seal, minimizing any potential for leaks and damage. 

The adhesive bond enhances the roof’s wind uplift resistance, making it ideal for high-windy areas in Dallas-Fort Worth.

At the same time, it provides a smooth and aesthetic appearance on the roof. 

Mechanically Attached

Mechanically attached PVC roofing involves fastening the membrane to the deck using screws or other means at seams and edges.

Compared to a fully adhered system, mechanically attached systems can be installed faster and quickly. 

This method simplifies repairs and modifications in the future since you can lift the membrane and solve the issue. 

In general, mechanically attaching systems can be a more cost-effective option in terms of time and money.

Induction Welded

In this method, the induction welding fuses PVC roofing membrane seams with heat using specialized equipment to create a durable bond.

Induction welding produces consistent and robust seams, enhancing the roofing system’s durability.

This efficient method can result in a faster installation than adhered and mechanically attached. 

Induction welding reduces adhesive need, potentially minimizing environmental impact and simplifying installation.

To be noted, it is the least standard installation method for flat roofing systems in Dallas-Fort Worth. 

Also, it costs more than mechanically attached and adhesive. 

Advantages of PVC 


The ASTM requires a roofing membrane with a breaking strength of 200 lbs per square inch, but PVC materials exceed this requirement, making them highly resistant to high winds and storms.

As a result, it makes them highly resistant to various weather conditions of Dallas-Fort Worth, such as high temperatures, occasional hail storms, and winds. 

Lastly, PVC roofs can last for a few decades easily if it is installed and maintained correctly. 

Resistant to Harsh Chemicals

PVC is an excellent option for businesses that release harsh chemicals and gasses through the exhaust vent. 

The white membrane can withstand harsh chemical exposure without degrading in quality and performance. 

Also, the material is fire-resistant. 

It is a very suitable option for restaurants and industrial buildings. 


There are a few types of PVC material to choose from, such as; 

  1. Standard PVC 
  2. PVC KEE Roof Membrane 
  3. Fleece Backed PVC Roof Membrane

Compared to other materials, PVC is much more lightweight. Standard and KEE products can also be selected with fleece backing. 

Regarding color, PVC is most commonly found in white. But there are other colors available to match your roof’s aesthetic appearance. 

Disadvantages of PVC

Removal of Existing Roof

Some contractors would prefer to install a new roof over an existing one, but it isn’t recommended.

Before installing PVC, we prefer removing the existing roofing material. 

It helps to build upon a new foundation, which ensures your roof will last for a long time with proper installation. 

The only con is that removing the existing roof adds to the labor expense and increases the overall investment cost.  

Availability of Experienced Installers

Flat roofing systems like PVC aren’t DIY projects like EPDM or other materials. 

A high-quality PVC roofing project requires an experienced contractor who has the reputation and exposure for delivering such projects. 

The availability of such experienced contractors in Dallas-Fort Worth is very few. 

We have installed hundreds of commercial roofing projects in the past decade with proper technique and craft. 

Cost and Longevity 

Compared to other flat roofing systems, PVC is expensive. 

For example, in a 2,500-square-foot building, a project might cost $15,000 to $35,000 or even more depending on several factors such as type of PVC, type of insulator, size of the roof, and so on. 

However, it is an investment that pays off well if the job is done correctly, as PVC roofs can last for 20 years or more. 

Conclusion: PVC is Suitable for Dallas-Fort Worth

From our experience, PVC is one of the best choices for flat roofing systems. 

We can help you to decide whether or not PVC is suitable for your roof. 

Since 2013, American Dream Construction & Roofing has provided property owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with high-quality roof repairs and replacements.

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