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Are you looking to install tiles on your roofing system in Dallas?

Let’s face it: tiles are one of the most beautiful and durable options for any property. 

It is suitable for residential, commercial, and historic properties.

But, installing it requires an experienced contractor with the knowledge and experience to do so. 

Unfortunately, many don’t have that. 

According to Roofing Alliance, materials such as clay or concrete can last up to 100 years if installed properly!

Also, many manufacturers offer a warranty of up to 50 years to the end of their life structure.

At American Dream Construction, we have completed hundreds of tile roofing projects for our customers in the past decades. 

Our track record and client reviews show our commitment to performing excellent jobs. 

Feel free to contact us for a complimentary inspection at this number 844-893-7326.

Or, you can book an appointment here directly. 

I would like to Thank Farhan for understanding my needs the Strom had hit in my area l had a leak and Farhan was referred to me he showed me my damage and Farhan promise that he would take care of my needs I had missing shingles and replace my vents. Thank You 😊
Ashley D
Ashley D
These guys are great - super wonderful and friendly
Paul Thorpe
Paul Thorpe
Ali was super reliable and I trust American Dream to do the job right. Thank you for the solar vent upgrades.
Steve Heffler
Steve Heffler
Had this company come out to look at doing some repairs on my roof. They ended up nailing down some things that came up during the wind storms at no charge. They are super nice, friendly and funny. Great team. I will be doing business with them in the future.
Omar Alkhatib
Omar Alkhatib
Farhan is the BEST. Had some issues with my roof and his company was quick,responsive,effective, AND reasonable. 11/10 would recommend
Emily Veschi
Emily Veschi
Great experience, would definitely use again!

Overview of Tiles Roofing in Dallas


Apart from aesthetic appeal, tiles rank as one of the most durable materials in Dallas.

As residents, we know Dallas experiences a diverse climate, which includes blazing hot summers, mild winters, and occasional severe weather events. 

But a tile roof provides excellent insulation against the heat that your property experiences. 

They are also able to withstand high winds and hail storms; according to the Insurance Information Institute, Texas ranks first for the state with the most hail storms. 

With proper installation, the tile roof can battle against wind speed of 125mph. Also, it can stand firm against hails as long as 1.5 inches. 

It’s safe to say they can withstand any weather and last for fifty years or more.

Energy Efficient

In comparison to other roofing materials, tiles are energy-efficient. 

Roof tiles boast a substantial thermal mass, showcasing remarkable efficiency in moderating indoor temperatures. 

It positions them as a robust, enduring investment, effectively reducing the usage of electrical heating and cooling systems over the long term.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly 

Most roof tiles are sourced from natural materials, and no toxins or chemicals are introduced into the production process. 

For example, concrete blends cement, sand, and water, whereas terracotta is crafted from clay. 

The robustness of the materials ensures extended lifespans exceeding 50 years. 

At the same time, both materials are recyclable, providing opportunities for repurposing even after they have reached the end of their original use.

Low Maintenance & Increased Home Value

The key to a low-maintenance tile roofing system is to install it properly. 

If done so, as a property owner, you don’t have to stress much about the maintenance aspect. 

Just occasional cleaning and inspection will suffice. 

From a financial point of view, properties with a tile roofing system can significantly boost their property valuation.

One key reason is that the visual element it provides to the property is very different from the others. 

And, of course, performance-wise, it performs well against harsh weather when needed. 

If you plan on selling your house, it can positively impact your home’s financial value.

Material and Options


In Texas, clay tiles are one of the most popular roofing tiles in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

You will normally notice clay tiles in traditional red and orange colors with a wavy “S” shape in a “barrel roof tile. ” 

It provides a traditional Spanish or Mediterranean look you normally find in local houses built in countries like Spain. 

An adequately installed clay tile can last your entire lifetime with occasional inspection. 

They are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions that the Dallas-Fort Worth area experiences annually, most commonly hail storms, high winds, and blazing hot summers. 

Clay tiles also possess a Class A fire rating, which means they have the lowest fire rating. 

Conversely, tiles are also quite heavy; only some roofing systems can support such a structure.

Sometimes, if walked over, clay tiles are easily susceptible to being broken. 

This is what classic clay tile look like. Very likely, you have noticed them on roofs. 


Concrete tiles last longer than clay tiles.

It is formed through a blend of portland cement, sand, water, and pigments to showcase its visual appeal. 

Concrete can adopt various shapes and textures and mimic the appearance of wood shake shingles, slate, and clay tiles.

Apart from that, concrete tiles are one of the most cost-effective options, as they are affordable and also very energy-efficient. 

Concrete tiles are very strong from a durability and performance point of view. 

Manufacturers have refined their production process so well that it has only improved over the decades. 

If installed properly, they can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. 

The problem with concrete tiles is their weight. 

Just like clay tiles, they are heavy, and not every roofing structure is built to hold them.

But through initial inspection, we can let you know if your property’s structure is strong enough to withhold heavy materials like this.

If you look closely, there isn’t much to separate from concrete and clay. It is the more newer version of what you expect from clay.


In terms of aesthetic and visual appeal, it is hard to match a roofing material with slate. 

It is one of the most classic, timeless, elegant looks you can have on your property. 

We offer slate in two options: natural and synthetic. 

The only difference is that natural slates are made from rock, while synthetics are factory-processed. 

Apart from aesthetics, as you would expect, slate tiles are very durable and resistant. 

It is well suited to handle the extreme weather fluctuations in Dallas, most commonly hail storm damage and high-temperature heat.

If installed properly, slate tiles can last for decades with minimal maintenance, even lifetime. 

We offer slates in various colors and textures, such as black, gray, purple, red, etc.

The downside is that slates are also quite heavy, like most tile roofs. 

Compared to other options, slate tiles require a significant investment. But their performance makes it worth it.

Also, to install slate, you need an experienced contractor with the knowledge to execute such a project. 

The availability of such contractors or roofing companies is way less than you think in the city of Dallas-Fort Worth.

At ADC, we have the knowledge and expertise to execute such a project. 

Contact us if you need an inspection to determine whether slate tiles are suitable for your roofing system.

One of the most classic and elegant roofing material, slate tiles.


All the previous materials we have discussed so far require a solid roofing infrastructure to hold the heavyweights of the tile.

If your roof falls into that category, you can opt for metal tiles, which are a very lightweight material. 

After asphalt, metal is the most commonly used roofing material in the marketplace. 

Metal is one of those materials that is Class IV, which means it can resist hail impacts in Dallas with little to zero impact on the material.

Also, in terms of durability and performance, with proper maintenance, it can last as long as 40 to 50 years. 

It is offered in an unlimited number of colors and options. 

Steel tiles are most commonly used, but we also offer other metal tiles, such as copper and aluminum. 

The downside is that metal roofing installation requires an experienced contractor, and finding such availability can be difficult for clients. 

But do not worry; we have the expertise to execute metal projects at ADC.

Apart from that, metal roofs require a significant investment compared to asphalt. But they outperform asphalt every day. 

Also, metal tiles can be noisy during heavy hail or rainfall, depending on your chosen manufacturer. 

But don’t worry; we can install proper underlayment to ensure you don’t face such issues.

In the modern age, metal roofs are one of the best material available. 


Composite tiles are eco-friendly; they are crafted from recycled plastics and other sustainable materials. 

It serves as a solid alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. 

Contractors prefer these tiles for their easy and lightweight installation compared to heavy clay or concrete options. 

Composite tiles come in various colors and shapes. 

It adds a touch of versatility, skillfully mimicking the appeal of slate, cedar shake, and Spanish tiles. 

Also, many manufacturers back these tiles with a 50-year warranty!

Solar by Tesla

A relatively new option that is yet to prove itself in the marketplace. 

Tesla’s solar tiles present an innovative solution for sustainable energy. 

The durability and longevity are notable, with a tempered glass surface designed to withstand various weather conditions. 

High-performance solar cells contribute to efficient energy generation.

However, a potential drawback is the upfront cost, though long-term savings offset this.

The abundant sunlight enhances performance for Dallas-Fort Worth, but occasional hailstorms pose a risk. 

It offers a promising balance of durability, efficiency, and aesthetics. 

But it is still an option to consider. 

Still yet to proven, but in our prediction solar tiles will be more popular in the upcoming decade.

How to Choose the Right Tiles 

Investment Required

Now, talking about money, tile roofing does require a significant investment. 

But if installed correctly, you can maximize the value it provides based on how well tile roofs suit an area like Dallas-Fort Worth. 

If you choose tile, your roofing system won’t need to be replaced for many decades, whether it’s a residential or commercial property.

At ADC, we do offer several financing options to make it easier for you to make the required investment. 

Not only that, we will also file and claim insurance for you so that you won’t have to go through the process.


The higher the investment required for a roofing system, the lower its maintenance; the key is proper installation. 

And tile roofing does fall under that category. 

One of many positive aspects of tiles is that they require zero to minimal maintenance to keep the roof’s health in proper shape.

Occasional cleaning and inspection are enough to check the material’s quality.

At ADC, we offer several maintenance packages to ensure that your roof is always as good as new.

Performance & Longevity

Based on the material options we have discussed so far, starting from traditional clay to brand-new tested solar tiles, they perform the same, more or less. 

They are highly weather resistant and perform well for many decades without fuss.

The critical difference might lie in aspects such as energy efficiency; metal tiles perform best. 

Regarding aesthetics, clay tiles have one of the most traditional Spanish and Mediterranean looks you can ask for. 

If you are seeking to test a new option, you can opt for solar tiles by Tesla. 

These tiles can power your house with clean energy for decades and are of maximum durability. 

Therefore, tile roofing is a solid option for any property. 

But for that, you will need an experienced and reliable contractor to perform the job.

As stated earlier, our team at ADC has the industry knowledge and skills to deliver an excellent roofing system for your property.

Conclusion: Contact us for Tile Roof in Dallas, TX

Tile roofs are a suitable option for any property based in Dallas, Texas. 

Based on your budget and preference, a tile roofing option can meet your needs. 

If you are considering installing a tile roofing system in Dallas, don’t hesitate to contact us at this number 844-893-7326 or book an appointment.

We serve in the following locations in Dallas; 

Irving, Garland, Highland Park, Addison, DeSoto, Farmers Branch, Duncanville, Lancaster,  Balch Springs, University Park, Sunnyvale, Cockrell Hill, and Wilmer Hutchins.

Also in Fort Worth; 

Arlington, Colleyville, Frisco, Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Bedford, Flower Mound, North Richland Hills, Euless, Mansfield, Hurst, Benbrook, Haltom City, Lewisville, Sansom Park, Kennedale, Richland Hills, Haslet, Forest Hill and Westover Hills.

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According to Roofing Alliance, if installed properly materials such as clay or concrete can last up to 100 years! (Source: Roofing Alliance)

They are also able to withstand high winds and hail storms; according to the Insurance Information Institute, Texas ranks first for the state with the most hail storms. (Source: iii)