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Are you looking for a reliable roofing contractor in Southlake, Texas? 

Well, you have to be in the right place. 

As property owners, we know how difficult it is to choose the right contractor or company to get your roof done. 

The right one can help your roofing system and wallet. 

And the right one can create a sustainable and durable roofing system that will last decades. 

At American Dream Construction, we have served over a thousand satisfied clients like you in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. 

The reason is our proven system and process. 

Contact us for a no-charge inspection and address your issues immediately. 

Why Choose Us in Southlake? 

Professional Expertise

Our team consists of highly skilled technicians with years of experience installing and repairing every roof. 

Whether commercial or residential, we have the experience and proven record to deliver outstanding results. 

Local Knowledge

We have been part of the Southlake community for many years; we know what roofing system suits this area. 

From weather considerations to local building codes, we have a thorough understanding and knowledge to ensure your roofing project gets done well. 

Customer Satisfaction

Our reviews and track record speaks for itself. 

Over the years, we have built many satisfied customers who testify to our quality service. 

We didn’t just build roofs; we also built long-lasting relationships until today. 

Our Residential & Commercial Roofing Services

Installation & Replacement Service

We recommend an installation or replacement service if your roof needs a complete overhaul. 

Before we begin any project, we conduct a thorough inspection to understand the roof’s state. 

Based on that, we recommend the best solutions that align with your budget, preferences, and building characteristics.

Regarding sourcing material, our suppliers are some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, such as Owens Corning and GAF. 

Our team has developed a great deal of expertise over the past decade. We have dealt with all the small or big projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. 

Maintenance & Repair

To ensure your roof is in prime state, we offer maintenance and repair services to ensure the material’s performance does not degrade. 

Harsh weather conditions can hamper the longevity and durability of a roofing membrane.

Immediate maintenance and repair can help address the existing and potential issues and leaks to prevent further damage down the line. 

The worse it gets, the costlier it gets to repair and restore. 

Material Options


It is the most commonly used roofing material in Texas and America. 

It is very cost-effective, and if installed properly, it can serve your home for many years. 

Asphalts are commonly used for residential purposes. It comes in various options and colors to choose from. 

It can be installed quite faster than other materials due to the nature of the material. 

We offer asphalt roofs in three options: 3-tab, architectural and luxury. 

Based on your budget and goal, you can choose the option that best serves your needl. 


Since you have been living in Fort Worth, your roof likely got some hits from a hail storm or strong wind or was heated due to prolonged UV exposure. 

One of the best materials to withstand all these elements is metal. 

Metal roofs have become popular for their exceptional durability and energy efficiency capability for quite some time.

They come in a variety of styles and options. 

We mainly offer corrugated steel and standing seam metal; we recommend standing seam metal for its strong characteristics. 

It is also one of the best insulation materials; it helps regulate the temperature and keeps the energy and cooling costs low. 

If installed properly, metal roofs can last over thirty to fifty years. 

From an investment point of view, it is one of the best in the market and very suitable for Southlake, Fort Worth. 


In the premium roofing market, tiles are an attractive option for homeowners. 

One of the reasons is that it can help elevate your property’s aesthetic appeal within a reasonable budget. 

Whether you prefer the warm, rustic look of clay tiles or the modern appeal of concrete tiles, we have options to suit your taste and preferred architectural style. 

Apart from aesthetics, as expected, it is highly resistant to heavy rain, rain, and intense sunlight.

At the same time, it provides natural insulation to help regulate the temperature inside your home. 

It makes it more energy efficient and reduces cooling costs. 


If you look forward to making your roof aesthetic, luxurious, and durable, slate is one of the best choices. 

Slate roofs can be offered in two ways: natural and synthetic. 

They are both unique in their characteristics, but they help to achieve a unique and refined look for your property. 

Like any premium material, slate roofs resist harsh weather elements, fire, and insects. 

As mentioned, slate roofs exemplify classic aesthetics, presenting a stunning visual look. But it does come with a hefty price tag. 

Proper installation and maintenance can last up to thirty years with no issues. 

Flat Roofing Options

The materials mentioned above are mostly suitable for residential properties with steep roofs.

But when it comes to flat roofs, which mainly consist of commercial or industrial properties, many options are available. 

Our flat roofing options include TPO, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, and PVC. 

Each choice has unique characteristics but a common purpose: creating a durable, long-lasting roof. 

On top of that, we also offer coating services to make the flat roof more durable. 

Our proper installation helps to prevent issues such as leakage, damage, and other common issues commonly associated with flat roofs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Professional Roofing Service Important for My Property in Southlake?

A well-installed roof protects your property from diverse weather conditions in Southlake. 

It helps to safeguard your investment against rain, hail, wind, and other elements while ensuring its longevity and structural integrity.

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected in Southlake?

We advise conducting regular roof inspections at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. 

Southlake’s climate can cause damage and deterioration, and proactive inspections can help detect potential issues before they become serious, saving you both time and money on repairs.

What Sets Your Roofing Services Apart from Others in Southlake, TX?

We’re dedicated to quality craftsmanship, local expertise, and customer satisfaction. 

We prioritize open communication, premium materials, and tailored services for Southlake residents. 

Check our testimonials for satisfied customers. Contact us today for expert guidance and reliable solutions for your roofing needs in Southlake.