DIY vs Professional Installation: Guide to Roofing System in Dallas, TX

As a Dallas homeowner, you might be stuck between decisions. And it is:

“Should I go for the DIY approach or hire a professional contractor to install my roof?”

DIY roofing projects can seem cost-effective, but any mistake can be costly in the future. 

Also, hiring a contractor provides expertise and experience.

But it comes with a price tag. 

As a homeowner, how can you navigate this decision to make the best choice for your roofing system?

In our opinion, you should always hire a roofing expert. 

In this article we discuss the pros and cons of DIY and professional installation.

By the end, you can make a sensible choice for yourself.

DIY Installation

If DIY is your choice, you can learn this video to learn more.


Flexibility and Control

During the hail season, contacting contractors is difficult in Dallas. 

Their rosters tend to fill up for the next few months. 

It means you will have to wait long before you can fix your roof. 

But you can skip the line if you have any past roofing experience. 

You can set your timeline to start and finish the project. 

But, finding time to complete roofing work is unrealistic for a busy individual. 

You can’t leave your roof work-in-progress for weeks and months for DIY.

It will affect your property in case of any hail or strong winds.

The best solution would be to contact several reliable roofers. 

Also, schedule your roofing work as quickly.

Cost Saving

As you already know, roofing requires quite a bit of investment. 

Any quality roofing system installation or repair will come with a price.

But, if you have any experience in roofing work, you might save some money.

You will have the freedom to select any material you desire.

 At the same time, you won’t have to pay any extra service fee to the contractor. 

But, if you are an individual who needs roofing experience, hire a contractor. 

It’s not worth risking your life for a few thousand dollars.

At the same time, getting a DIY roofing project would take quite some time. 


Lack of Knowledge and Experience

From the outside lens, roofing is a simple job. 

But in reality, it is quite complex. 

Yes, even for basic materials like asphalt. 

A roofing system has many layers and different components to make it work. 

Any experienced contractor would know the ins and outs of the system.

Different from anyone who might perform a DIY roofing project. 

Roofers can also detect underlying issues that might get missed out by your naked eye. 

Also, you need to install products according to the manufacturer’s standards.

Also, keep in mind that you should follow the local building codes. 

It is unlikely a DIY person will have access to such information.

Most roofers undergo rigorous training to gain knowledge and experience.

It helps to serve better work for the clients.

The better the execution, the better your roofing system will be able to serve you. 

Even if you try to repair a single shingle on your roof, you might cause more damage than you realize. 

In the end, nothing beats knowledge and experience. 

Any reliable roofer will have that more than an average DIY Joe. 


Imagine this scene: you are trying to repair or install your asphalt shingles.

But you caused some damage to your roofing system.

Guess what? 

There is a high probability your insurance carrier won’t cover up for the damage. 

And you have to pay for it from your pocket to fix the damage. 

Instead, if a contractor had been hired, such issues would not have happened. 

Also, many roofing manufacturers offer warranties for their materials.  

Manufacturers need proper installation of materials for limited warranty coverage.

You must follow their application instructions and the local building code rule.

Otherwise, you can’t restore the 20-30 years of warranty coverage you would receive. 

Safety Hazard

Roofing is a dangerous sport. 

Before you try any DIY roofing project, understand the scenario: 

You are installing roofs at a tall height with an elevated angle. 

One misstep, you could find yourself on the ground.

According to the CDC, more than 300 construction workers are killed from heights. 

At the same time, more than 10,000 workers injured themselves. 

And guess what? 

81% of the deaths occur from roofs in the construction industry.  

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that roofers have the highest injury and illness rates.

Also, it has the most occupational fatalities in the nation.

Thus, it is safe to leave your roofs to an expert. 

Not directly related to roofing, but explains the dangers of DIY.

Professional Installation 



The biggest difference between a DIY Joe and an experienced roofer is time. 

A qualified roofer can get any installation or repair work done in a given timeframe. 

The reason is simple: they completed similar jobs like yours a hundred times. 

Also, their team consists of qualified and certified team members. 

But does DIY Joe have the same strength? 

Very likely, it is not. 

The lack of knowledge and experience makes it unlikely to be completed on time.

Quality Assurance

Anyone can assemble all the necessary equipment and materials for a roofing project. 

But, the final result lies in the execution. 

Like any craft, it takes time to master it. 

Roofing is no exception. 

Any skilled roofer has been in this practice for years and decades. 

The result of an experienced roofer will vary from a DIY project. 

If your roofing system is not installed, you are in trouble. 

The local weather in Dallas isn’t forgiving.

It is a mixture of strong winds, hail, and intense heat.

As per Hail Specialist, Texas is known to be the most hail-affected state in the nation. 

It reported 1,626 hail events from 2008 to 2018. 

And the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex dealt with a lot of them. 

So, a quality roofing system is crucial. 

It will keep your property and family well-protected and safe for years.


The most important concern of any roofing project is safety. 

As stated earlier, roofing work comes with quite a risk. 

Any veteran roofer has access to all the equipment, machinery, and procedures. 

The safety gear and the machinery are expensive as well.

On top of that, they have the required skill set to install the roofing system as needed. 

However, any DIY person will pay hundreds of dollars daily to rent such gear and machines.

On top of that, they need to gain the required experience to finish a roofing job. 


Can be Expensive

We are well aware that roofing requires quite an investment. 

Even trying to repair it can be costly, depending on how severe the condition is. 

But regardless, a reliable roofing system is the foundation of any property. 

It can’t be compromised. 

If you cannot finance, ask for financial help from your roofer.

Many roofing companies offer many loan options and financial plans to homeowners.

They will make it easier for you to fund the project.

Cutting Corners

Like in any industry, there are some con artists. 

The same applies to roofers. 

Some contractors have your best interest at heart, while others don’t. 

They are more interested in increasing their margins while delivering low-quality work. 

In the end, it hurts your property and wallet. 

You will likely need to hire another roofer shortly. 

That is why research on the contractor’s experience should be done beforehand. 

Also, get many estimates and quotes for your roofing project. 

Conclusion: Professional Installation is the Best Choice 

As stated earlier, the best choice for anyone is to hire an expert. 

You will have the peace of mind that the work will be done on time. 

And you get a quality roofing system delivered to your roofing system.

If you have any roofing inquiries, you can contact us at American Dream Construction.

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